Kara Walker’s “A Subtlety” Exhibit | A Critique on Race, Space and Time

3 thoughts on “Kara Walker’s “A Subtlety” Exhibit | A Critique on Race, Space and Time”

  1. Do you think the average viewer gets any of this? When I went people were smiling taking snaps in front of the sphinx. I’ve worked in black fine arts organizations as an educator, administrator and curator from about the time that Kara Walker’s career began.. Initially black professionals were, leery would be too weak a word, of her work. Or more correctly questioning how other black artists with much longer careers have been given so much less attention. A McArthur at 27? Audiences were even less enchanted — Detroiters prevented an exhibition from coming there. I’m not a prude or a censor but why so much attention for this work and why does the established art world love her so much? I can’t count how many times white colleagues have told me how much they LOVE Kara Walker. Halee Berry gets an oscar for MOnster’s Ball, a grotesquely unpleasent movie, Lupita N’yongo gets one for her portrayal of Patsy who is abused throughout the film. Not to mention Holywood’s favorite Lee Daniel’s Precious. What is this telling us.about how America likes to envision black women?

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