Little Racer + Honduras @ Cake Shop 1/30/2014

Little Racer crashes waves with sugary, surf-punk melodies, Honduras breathes punky grit in the air. I got to sit down and speak with Little Racer personally on their sentiments on “punk life,” a new line up in the new year, and the importance of community building in the DIY music scene.


January 29th, 2014 There seems to be much missed by what we do not hear. There is always something to learn from silence. (1/10) Spent the first half of my day writing a short story/screen play. Got a text from Leah, headed right into Manhattan to meet up. Really awesome girl, she’ll realize how special…


          January 28th, 2014 (1/4) Was feeling it today. Got fired via email. Got gig offers directly after that. Applied for a few jobs in the afternoon. And just, created darkness for myself. It didn’t sweep me in from my loss, I did it myself. Let it consume me and seized…


By the law of metaphysics, things that are created generally cannot be destroyed. Matter, what is all and what can be, cannot be either created nor destroyed. In fact, within the same vein, these are also the laws of language, the meanings we weave and embed within the created nuances of powers they contain. Nigger….