By the law of metaphysics, things that are created generally cannot be destroyed. Matter, what is all and what can be, cannot be either created nor destroyed. In fact, within the same vein, these are also the laws of language, the meanings we weave and embed within the created nuances of powers they contain.


A phrase that has only meant to rip apart the humanity of Blacks and those of African descent cannot be recreated nor destroyed in meaning. Its malice and oppressive sentiments only serve to do what it’s radical meanings allow them to be.

Less than.

It cannot liberate the Black nor be reclaimed and reeled back at their oppressors with imperialist tongues that slice with angst and fervor. Dropping the -er and placing an -a in its place changes nothing but its phonetics. You cannot uproot pain from its branches.


My nigga. My nigga. My nigga. 

I said that I’ma ride for my motherfucking niggas,
Most likely I’ma die with my finger on the trigger
I’ve been grinding outside, all day with my niggas
And I ain’t going in, unless I’m with my nigga
My nigga, my nigga
My nigga, my nigga (My motherfucking niggas!)
My nigga, my nigga (My nigga, my nigga)
My nigga, my nigga

Drips with hundreds of thousands of millions of Black bodies broken by whips and chains and plantations and cruel intentions and decisions and sharp cloves of cotton, blood clotted crevices in the backs of a mass movement of hungry and starving souls waiting for humanity to rebirth itself again. Nigga is neocolonialism in drag. You can’t steal from a people what they’ve never had. Nor can you give back to a people what they’ve never lost.


O, what a badge of privileged pain you wear so proudly around your neck, sir. You aren’t freeing anyone by screaming racial epithets at one other over monstrous trap beats made to trap your people. Filling the pockets of corporate record labels and A&R reps that keep Black people from re-imagining their worth in brilliant color. They breathe in shades of thug and nigger and nigga. What a small existence.

Nigger can never and will never be an affirmative identity. Because the people who created its meaning still hold power by means of its significance. Oppression cannot liberate oppression.

You can’t free a people who keep polishing their chains.



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