January 29th, 2014

There seems to be much missed by what we do not hear. There is always something to learn from silence.



Spent the first half of my day writing a short story/screen play. Got a text from Leah, headed right into Manhattan to meet up. Really awesome girl, she’ll realize how special she is when she embraces her work with both hands.



I promised a friend I would come out to her first solo show at Souther Brooklyn Pizza in the LES. So I headed downtown and saw this man, again. I believe he is from Senegal. Reminded me of Sunday evenings with mom spinning vinyls and baking.



Got on the F. The train wasn’t moving for a while and all I saw was a young woman with a child panicking and asking for help from MTA. Little did I know, there was a man passed out and unconscious in the middle of the train.



Surrounded by able-bodied people, and no one made a move. Not a one. I was incredibly trigger. I started to feel a warm darkness sweep my entire body. I literally felt him dying and no one else did anything for him. It took MTA a whole 30 minutes of negotiating and following dumb protocol to get him help. Afterward, people started to try and wake him up by speaking to him. He started moving afterward.



Medics finally came onto the scene and took him out. Afterward, as the scene concluded, an MTA employee exiting the train told the passengers, “Sorry for in the inconvenience!” My heart dropped out of 4-story window. I couldn’t believe how inanimate and disposable this man had become over time as people grew more impatient.



Got off at 2nd Ave, and got the message.



Got to the spot, was real laid back and chill. I did a set with a drummer and ended up laying on the floor with this awesome girl who performed before me. I talked about the morals of pain, questioning the positives of hurt and agony, and why we don’t embrace it with both hands.



Julliana was amazing. Probably most accurate depiction of her entire set. Really talented woman.




Nicolette came through to the show and we left to go back to my place. Made me an amazing vegan dinner, listened to NWTS and the Weeknd’s trilogy until 2:30am, and talked about literally everything. Have no idea what I would’ve done if I had come home to my empty apartment. Really great day.



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