EARFLOAT Mixtape Series

Hey all,

I’ve created a new page for you all to download some fun tapes I mixed together with playlists that ignite nostalgia and spiritual solace for your enjoyment. All songs have been pulled from my personal iTunes library, dug up from .WAV graveyards on my old iMac, PureVolume archives, my old Last.fm profile, and from artists that I haven’t listened to since MySpace was a respected platform for socializing.

My motives seem pretty straightforward. I noticed that a lot of music blogs and sites host mixtapes made with tracks from various up-in-coming artists, mash-ups from DJs, or indie bands that receive no sunshine from The Industry. But their compilations never truly resemble anything like an actual mixtape – a set of songs that sound as personal as a toothbrush, carefully arranged together by the selection’s owner and then offered back to others who aren’t afraid to use a pal’s toothbrush and are fearless in experimenting with dental hygiene from their mouth’s point of view.

So far I’ve compiled 3 tapes for downloads. I’ll upload and create more when the response to this new creation parallels with the amount of traffic on this site. Feel free to contact me with suggestions and concepts for future mixtapes you’d like me to create – dedications, personal requests, eclectic curiosity, etc. My library is quite diverse and probably has everything for just about everyone.



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