Sex With The Sun

Last night I had sex with the sun

My bare skin began to feel hot and electric

Like slow currents of fire running through my body at negative miles per hour

Soaking in all of the sky’s haze,

Keeping me sleepy for days

White heat criss crossing across my shoulder blades

Grabbing and yanking me to my knees,

Giving me things that I did not need

Did as I pleased

Freeing my free

In between



Last night I was floating on the oceans of the moon,

Sinking straight into its open womb,

Yeah, it was real cool.

Nah, dope.

Like breathing the sickest line no eye has ever wrote,

Torching white walls in homes of rich folk.


Choked on the lips of your quivering throat,

Grinding slow to the gospel of I-don’t-know

We should go.

Let’s just go.



Let’s just go,

Let’s just go

Let’s explode

Into a million souls

Molotov, flames thrown

Let’s just…

Let’s explode

Let’s just go,

Let’s just…


One Comment Add yours

  1. bejamin4 says:

    Fantastic opening! I had to read on after that.

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