Anthony Flammia @ Private Album Listening Party 2/11/2014

Tonight, I attended a private listening party to celebrate Anthony Flamma’s latest project, Ups & Downs, at Daddy’s House Recording Studios in Manhattan. The musician/singer-songwriter/producer is set to release this most anticipated body of work on Friday, February 14th, “Love Day”. The party began with a fun introduction to Flamm’s skills of live voice track building and vibing off intimacy shared with the audience, all crowded tightly inside the studio.

Warming up the keys.
Flamm in the midst of creation.

Having the complete control of his voice as an instrument, the “mood music” artist warped the room into a time capsule and brought us back to the late-night studio sessions with 90’s supergroup Swing Mob. Hailing from Yonkers, NY, this young creative is definitely a force to be reckoned with. With his chilling and fearless harmonies, syncopated and raw rhythmic soul sound, and stage presence that feels like staring into a 2-way mirror inflecting his soul, Flamm will very well soon be spoken about in the same conversations of creative gurus like Pharrell, Missy Elliot, The-Dream, Rick Rubin, and Timbaland. At the end of his live set, he ended with an inspiring performance of the first track off his latest release. He has described this album as “his baby,” and “first born,” of which I believe that listeners will be sure to take great care of this beautiful creation once in their possession this weekend.

This week has been incredible for new music on the indie wire. Be on the look out for his new single release tomorrow, show at The Flat in Brooklyn on Thursday with an all-exclusive live album premiere with (stream only), and Valentine’s Day album release party at The W Hotel. Ups & Downs will be available for free download on this Friday, February 14th. Make sure to clear your calendars for some Flamm on your Love Day.

For more music and further updates, please visit his site at For photos from the night + performance, check out the gallery below.





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