In The Office: Luck-One @ Control Sector 2/24/2014

Last afternoon, I accompanied my boy Luck-One Conscious on a trip down to Wall Street to hit up the offices of the Village Voice’s music department to drop off some of his work to be covered for press purposes. And then purely by chance, afterwards he was on his way to Bleeker Street to stop by the offices of a friend’s fashion company, Control Sector, to pick up some sponsored clothes they were giving him to rock on his tour to SXSW and a huge show out in the Bay Area next month. We entered the intimate office and found the workspace to be cluttered just enough to reveal a team with a hard work ethic, yet clean enough to show that designers and workers are organized, focused and centered in their creative forces and pursuits. luckI didn’t get to spend much time speaking with the owners since it was an in-and-out situation, however, what I saw was pretty dope. Originating from all over the map – Luke from Oregon, his brother Adam from California, and Max from Pennsylvania – these designers and Co-Founders are a legitimate group of real ass dudes, consistently making hot product that no one else is trying out because they feel like it, and they’re really just that good. A man of many talents, I learned that not only is Luke a brilliant visual artist and designer, he also doubles up as a producer when not found in the offices of Control Sector, vibing to Bay Area’s pioneering witch house music project, oOoOO, or organizing photo shoots with Rott3n Society. He began his vibrant career in production back in 1997 in the days of DOS, the days before Windows 3.1, and has been making music “since before Windows 98.” The progressive brand of crazy talented minds and hands did their first runway show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this month at the Lincoln Center, sponsored by Art Hearts Fashion to benefit the AIDS Health Foundation; of which is nothing short of an incredible feat for the young brand recently established in April of 2013. Their collections are sleek, clean, mild, minimalist yet keen with detail and intricate in design. I absolutely love that they take the definition of shapes so seriously, something that street wear fell off from since the corny embrace of misappropriated Native American “tribal print” on casual wear – a badge of honor for the metropolitan yuppie. Also, modern street wear simply doesn’t take enough risks anymore. lukeNo more juxtaposing the ugly with the delicate, nor lending and borrowing from different types of urban wear that the 80’s fashion world fully embraced with the mixing of punk, funk, and hip-hop styles in an amalgamation of swag and purpose. A perfect brand for the beatnik urbanite and devoted disciple of street wear, Control Sector is sure to balloon into a household name for global consumers this year once they drop their highly-acclaimed summer line set to release fairly soon. Check out the rest of the photos from my afternoon impromptu visit with Luck as well as their visual recap from Fashion Week below:

Impromptu Visit @ Control Sector Offices

Lower East Side, Manhattan

February 24th, 2014


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