On The Wire: Late Night Release by Matt Ford, “Crown Chakra”

The internet is something like a beautiful garden, bountiful with rare brushes of nature, blooming from the depths of life’s soil with exciting colors, smells, taste and sound. photo.PNGTonight, I stumbled across an Instagram post promoting the release of a new single by Philadelphia rapper, Matt Ford, called “Crown Chakra”. After curiosity began to boil over, I headed over to his SoundCloud and proceeded to listen to the Philly emcee spit over the crispy and chaotic jazz sounds of Flying Lotus’ “Aqua Teen 24”, a track I never really paid much mind to until tonight. I definitely appreciated the cover a lot better. Listening with fresh ears to Ford ride smooth over the crunchy melodies of Lotus’ complex beat, the rendition became to manifest itself in the experimental instrumentation, playing off of asymmetrical beat measures, remote silences in between bars, and time signature changes toward the end that gave the cover a dynamism worth running back for ears to take away something new with each listen. With a flow progressive in reverberation, the deep octaves that Ford raps in is incredibly nostalgic of Habits & Contradictions “My Homie”, in this case, purely incidental with the release of Schoolboy Q’s most anticipated record of the decade, Oxymoron, that dropped earlier today. Slow, careful, cool, and raw with realness, this indie lyricist hailing from the City of Brotherly Love definitely deserves some love from the underground one time. Head over to his page and give him a listen, download the track, and vibe out. Happy Tuesday.


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