On The Wire: New Visuals from The Vibe 2, “Self-Thoughts”

Two days ago, the Senaglese-rapper ADH from Brooklyn dropped new visuals for his latest project, The Vibe 2, for his track “Self-Thoughts.” This track of dissonance synths and spooky instrumentation sets up the aesthetic of the the video perfectly, revealing some gainful insight into ADH’s REM in the form of sweeping, rapid colors that swell the lyricist’s mind and vision. A sound I was not expecting from the soul-hop, laid-back artist on this track, bold with knocking bass, fierce RnB feature reminiscent of The-Dream’s earlier work, synths swimming in syncopated drums, and a flow as cool as this season’s winter, ADH provides viewers with an alternative lens into his experimental product that shows off versatility as an artist, creative and individual who isn’t afraid to take risks and deviate from what is familiar.

So, peep the video, support an artist doing his thing for the people, and feel free to stream The Vibe 2 below for your liking.

Make sure to keep up with his developing movements and follow ADH and his crew on Instagram and Twitter! @adhonline | @victoremerson | @selectfewent


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