Sh*t I Missed | Singer-Songwriter/Producer Gwen Bunn, “The Verdict,”

Classic, addictive, real, transcending, non-conforming, bold, brave and unapologetic, fierce and persistent, “Turn the Lights Out” reminds me of what pure love feels like. Like: the feeling of when you see your parents dance together for the first time, barefoot and young minded in the carpeted living room, curtains tied back and windows cracked to let the fresh summer evening breeze swim inside your home to wash over the surface of hot and sticky skin perspiring from Memorial Day heatwave, record player spinning a 12″ original pressed “Outstanding” vinyl, your father getting carried away from his signature 2-step your mother would tell you in stories in childhood that made her knees weak, and forget to lower the heat on the BBQ grill, leading everyone to gut-rippling laughter, knowing good and well nothing so small could impact the connection shared anywhere prior to this moment. Not convinced yet? Take a listen for yourself.

#BTS | Fake Socialite NYC Spring Collection Shoot w/ Gypsybruja + Sir Samuell @ OG Studios

Friday was one of the most eventful days of the entire year. From being ditched by a client in SoHo at 9am in the morning, to running into Lil Durk on Canal Street, to preparing myself to do exclusive live coverage for an event by LIM College’s most visionary creatives, I was heavily taxed with task and responsibility. However, what I looked forward to the most that day was attending Fake Socialite NYC’s photo shoot for their latest spring collection that dropped Friday morning.

Art + Culture | Social In Practice: The Art of Collaboration by the Nathan Cummings Foundation, Exhibit Opening Ceremony 3/27/2014

This past week, I was invited to attend the Nathan Cummings Foundation’s opening ceremony for their multimedia exhibition that featured an array of artists, collectives and organizations based out of New York and all throughout the the world. Curated by Debra Willis and her son, Hank Willis Thomas, each project manifested shared themes ranging from community building to social activism, all based within the essence of collaboration to achieve their impact. The exhibition, “Social in Practice: The Art of Collaboration,” embodies the spirit of new age expressionism that allows for individuals to utilize the medium of art as a vehicle for dialogue between societal institutions and local communities in conversing on topics they otherwise would not be accessible by political discourse or plain rhetoric. From DPI faculty and alumni, the exhibition was a wonderful showcase that displayed all sorts of perspectives, especially of those we typically do not assign much agency and autonomy to in the conventional scheme of things.