Sh*t I [+You] Missed: Noble Silence/NegroClash “The Activator Mix”, via Fool’s Gold

Preface: Removing myself for a total of 10 days to spend some much needed time away from the constant grind to render my bruising mind, swole with bank-breaking beats and gnawing vibrations, me and some pretty mellow gals and guys piled into a small rental car, 6-people deep, no fucks given in concern to comfort, and headed into the middle of Massachusetts for a silent meditation Vipassana retreat where we all underwent an intense “surgery of the mind.” Spending about 240 hours observing Noble Silence (absolute silence), in addition to spending around 1/4 of that sitting still three times a day, I can safely say I am recharged, back with fresh and objective perspective, and ready for war. Coming back home to the Old World, I settled nicely into my apartment in the industrial cavity of LIC. My senses have heightened exponentially upon my return, especially in regards to my hearing, of which has become more sonic than a family of Zubats in Mt. Moon. And with these newfound advantages, I was hyped to find a ton of unzipped compressed files that I had yet to transfer into my iTunes and chuck into my rotation for steady listening. So, I hit “shuffle” and let the vibrations lead my blind ears to a river of rhythms and baptize me into my first dose of sound: “The Activator Mix”.

Released back in the summer of 2011, Fool’s Gold dropped a DJ mix from NegroClash, a label collective best known as “the NYC party stalwarts”, as well as the close comrades/label friends of DJ Lindsey, Prince Language and Duane Harriott. The three compiled an hour and thirty minute long mix tight with sounds of traditional funk, crested with bubbly synths and bouncy bass and drums, making for a great soundtrack to many summer month celebrations, including (but not limited to): nondescript Southern family reunions, college graduations, end of the year kick back BBQs, etcetera. l_07dd905290cb16a361f247441e95d278And for all you nostalgic for the golden days of 80s synth+drum kits/jheri curls dripping with Soul Glow into your penny loafers, this mix will make you sick for your favorite auntie’s rent parties, chilling on the sofa that’s covered in plastic, watching in a daze as adults groove to the smooth sounds of Zapp, Rick James, Gap Band, Cameo, and Prince. Hosted by Sun Ra, this shit jumps and is sure to not disappoint.

I’m royally pissed that I missed NegroClash perform at subMercer in the LES that summer. Although, I hope that FG does some reckless shit this year and gives MADD Decent Block Party some competition – imagine! [Yes, tis is a challenge, Fool’s. Tis is.]

Peep the stream below, download here, check out their podcast, FoolCast on iTunes, hosted by Mr. Goldbar + Friends, and as always: support local artists, music and keep the underground alive.


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