On The Wire: #MikeWillBeenTrill Mixtape + Other Misc Trap Vids

I can’t truly consider myself posting about this tape 4 months after its release to be “Sh*t I Missed” because I’m 99% sure that you all didn’t even knew that he even dropped it to begin with. Last night, I hopped on the G train to Williamsburg to lay back and chill easy with my boys from GOLDPYRMDZ and Smokers Cough, catching up since Rosegold’s album release party back in February and basically do whatever from watching WorldStar, College Humor and dope budget videos on Vimeo to climbing ontop of their building’s roof, listening to Oxymoron and drinking 40z, taking photos with limited lighting and fading the hell out of now-hypefest, SXSW. In the midst of all of this urban excursionism and law breaking excitement, they put me on to some pretty nice trap that I hadn’t heard or overlooked because, well, I just don’t listen to trap. Max from GOLDPYRMDZ is a pretty close confidant of super-producer Mike Will, and from my evening spent with him, I can properly deduce the conclusion that Interscope is that label to be under right now. This tape goes hard, undeniably, Mike using his ATL magic to produce some of the heaviest bangers coming out of the trap right now, featuring familiars like Future, 2Chainz, Gucci Mane to rookies Two-9, Project Pat, and Rae Sremmurd. I’m also gonna go ahead and ordain this body of work as the Cruel Summer of trap. No elaboration needed. shiekh-shoes-23-mike-will-made-it-miley-cyrus-wiz-khalifa-juicy-j-music-video-1

Here’s Mike Will’s #MikeWillBeenTrill tape and a couple of visuals from this past week’s drops from some of your favorite trap artists as well as other miscellaneous videos that I enjoyed watching for the first time last night. My favorite track on the tape is called “We” by the duo called Rae Sremmurd, of which they stated in an interview means “Ear Drummers” spelt backwards. They’re like 17 years old and basically refract the image of Kid and Play into the 21st century with quirky, odd, and childish lyricisms. What else can you expect from a pair of kids that say things like, “Simon says, ‘Get your shit together'”. So, yes, now I no longer wonder why or even how Mike Will would make It.

Peep the stream of Mike’s heavyweight champ tape below and download your copy here. Rolodex your way through the additional visuals, and have yourselves a good Hump Day. You can check out photos from last night’s urban explorings here.


Reasons why this video is at the top of this list: 1. Future Vandross, Pharrell AND Pusha T on one track, and Pharrell whispers through the whole thing; 2.  The funny cameo of Tyler The Creator; 3. Sampled one of hip-hop’s most iconic songs, Salt N Pepper’s “Push It”. Where can you go wrong?

Fergilious dropped this a few days ago, and basically made a video that resembled something like if Tyler The Creator did a short parody of The Terminator, with a trap beat overlaid futuristic visuals from the hood.

It’s obvious why Juicy sat on this track for so long and waited for visuals to be dropped before releasing this track. I don’t fuck with Katy Perry either, but the track goes hard. The video is interesting nonetheless, a contemporary portrayal of the tragic tale of Cleopatra and Sampson. I never was a fan of artists’ obsession with biblical narratives and nostalgia for Egypt, but the beat is tough.


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