EARFLOAT Radio Presents: Mike WiLL’s Rae Sremmurd, “We”

If you haven’t noticed by now, I have recently developed a deep fascination with hip-hop’s youngest child, trap music. After being put on to Interscope’s mega-producer Mike WiLL by my boy Max, I’ve been on a super trap star rap binge sometimes found myself Diddy Bopping on subway rides to Mid-Town and trips to Chiptole outlets throughout the city. The one and only #MikeWillBeenTrill mixtape has been the fuel to my madness for these trap artists. However, I noticed myself always going straight to this one track in the middle of the tape that did some crazy numbers on my ear drums – no pun intended.

Pronounced “Ray Shrimmer,” Rae Sremmurd are an Atlanta based/Mississippi native rap duo of blood brothers Slim Jimmy and Swae Lee. And if you haven’t guessed by now, their name spelled backwards is “Ear Drummers”. The only release they have available to the public, “We,” made it’s first appearance in abridged form with only one verse and seemingly unmastered tracking on Mike WiLL’s  #MikeWiLLBeenTriLL mixtape, of which was released the day before Christmas eve, making December 2013 a very based trap star Christmas. rae-sremmurd-mike-will-groupI had a couple of very strong impressions from my first listen of the track: “How do these kids know so much about young adult party culture?” as I listened to the aggressive tones of Slim and Swae’s flows, voices not yet cracked from puberty. I then rocked steady to the 808’s noise tone bass and crisp drums, only fit for quality speakers and subwoofer. In addition, I visualized the aesthetic of the track into an odd futuristic portrait, of which goes as following: the duo was undoubtedly created in the image of the all-mighty Trap Lord through a mad scientist experiment, all for the purpose to preserve the divine spirit of hip-hip through the ages by manifesting its soul into one perfect being. This was made possible by the following steps; fuse the persona of Kid & Play and provocative aesthetics of OFWGKTA into two conjoined teenage boys, place them inside of a sarcophagus and bury them in an abandoned jewelry store the middle of Atlanta, leaving only the most pure producer to their supreme devices to discover and resurrect them into what we know now as: Rae Sremmurd. Because I there are way too many quotables to name from the abbreviated version on the mixtape, I decided to take the liberty to just transcribe the whole first verse for you to digest and marvel over yourselves. Also, the lyrics aren’t available online, so this is the Internet’s first exclusive lyrics transcription of this song (Whoop):


You grab the Ciroc, you grab the Henny (yeah)/ We just walked in the building (uh huh)/ You grab the Ace, you grab the Remy (yeah!)/ We just fucked up the party (word)/ We brung hoes to the party (yeah)/ We fuck bad bitches only (uh huh)/ We brung drugs to the party (UH HUH)/ We just fucked up the party (yooo)


She had the nerve to tell me, “Spill the beans.”/ So she can grab one or two (ho!)/ I’m a money making machine (ho!)/ Simon says, “Get yo shit together!” (Get it!)/ Dude I got a girls in here for me? YES’SUH! (Yeah)/ Is the set in here for me? YES’SUH! (YEAH!)/ OG said we stepping motherfuckah/ Two girls in wonderland/ Blowing smoke on one another (??)/ And they’re talking brand spanking new (??)/ Boy, I got the sauce, fuck your juice! (Whoo!)/ We killed that swag shit in nine three (?)/ Now we got your whole set body rocking (You)

Being so young, they are at a great advantage after finding themselves a camp equipped with some of the industry’s most successful and power ball players of the decade. I’ll be very interested to see where this single takes them.

Enjoy the shit out of them, because these kids are gonna blow this year. No questions asked.

Be on the look out for EARFLOAT Radio’s next upcoming compilation tape, set to drop at the end of the month, just in time for the warm weather and senioritis to set kick in like nicotine. And in the mean (time), support these local artists with a download, share, retweet, regram, tumble, whatever. And as always, happy listening.

It is with great pleasure to present EARFLOAT Radio’s Your Newest Favorite Banger – Rae Sremmurd, “We,” produced by Mike WiLL Made-It/Eardrumas. Enjoy.


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