LIVE EXCLUSIVE: The Internet @ SOB’s

coverphotoThe Internet has shaken up the interwebs as of late, converting lonely and passionate souls into lovers for the smooth and jazzy neo-soul sounds of OFWGKTA’s Syd Tha Kyd and Matt Martians. Last night, the Los Angeles-based collective flew out from Austin’s SXSW Festival to come and perform an amazing set at Manhattan’s infamous SOBs music venue located in SoHo. The group drowned the crowd with beautiful and patient melodies, laced with harmonies worth a thousand milky moons, creating an atmosphere of deep solace for audience members to get lost within. Performing their long catalog of hits off their latest album, Feel Good, the Crenshaw native lead singer swooned the crowd with her cool demeanor and raw determination. Traveling far and wide from places like Boston and Virginia, there existed a mystical connection between dedicated Internet fans and the members of the band. crowd14

And with additional special guest appearances by Phony Ppl, grooving from the corners of Brooklyn, the venue became intoxicated off funk, jazzy neo-soul, and hip-hop that could throw the Polo Ralph Lauren Man off his high horse. The “Brooklyn Soul” group opened up the show with a blast of energy that enchanted audience ears with groovy futuristic funk, classic John Legend/The Roots collab aesthetic, and De La/Tribe era style hip-hop infused with rock ‘n’ influences from greats like Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana. From the floaty falsettos of Sheriff PJ and lead guitarist Elijah Rawk shredding the stage with Hendrix’s rockability and Tupac Shakur’s marbled composure, “Phony Ppl [as] a physical body” are musicians first and entertainers last, demonstrating that music that our parents use to listen to can still be loved and adorned in the context of the present rather than through the romanticized memory of history frozen by the clutches of empty cultural nostalgia. A phenomenal night for phenomenal and unfathomable talent, I look forward to hearing more from both bands and their growth as powerful composers and performers.

If you were unable to make it out last night, no fret! Check out the videos I took of each set before my phone ran out of data to store the greatness of SOBs. And the visual recap of the night below, refer to the gallery of titled mosaic photographs. As always, enjoy.

For more videos, visit Black Congolese’s Official YouTube Channel 

The Internet @ SOBs


March 16th, 2014


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