EARFLOAT TV EXCLUSIVE | Visuals | Rae Sremmurd @ SXSW 2014 Recap

For the past two weeks, Austin has been populated by factions of music, film, and techy aficionados from all over – both domestically and internationally alike – to attend one of the most anticipated cultural festivals of the year, South By Southwest (SXSW). Hosting some of the Industry’s hottest entertainers like Schoolboy Q, Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator and it’s many super groups like The Internet to up and coming artists like Bishop Nehru and one of the Kings of the Northwest, Cassow, the month of March was lit with the toughest MC’s, lyricists, visual artists and narrative story tellers, as well as world-renowned inventive minds developing our world’s newest technological advancements. As of recent, I just got a link from my boy Max from GOLDPYRMDZ of the work he’s been doing for Mike WiLL’s newest project, Rae Sremmurd, of whom have been shaking the barracks of the Interwebs with their heavy hitting single, “We,” and their sniper-sharp lyricisms and attitudes that have caught the attention of many festi-goers during their time in Texas. Literally uploaded a few hours ago, Max has been doing video for Mike WiLL for some time to document the happenings and occurrences of the southern-rooted duo made up of two adolescent brothers whose flows will have you questioning your left hand from your right lung – total mindfuck. Like I said in my previous posts on the too-live clan, make sure to be on the look out for these kids. They are gonna blow crazy in the next coming months, and it’s just gonna hit you like bricks falling off the back of an 18-wheeler at 30MPH on a single-lane highway.

Watch the brief recap of Mike WiLL & Rae Sremmurd’s time at SXSW 2014 above and also be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel for updates on their whereabouts and movements as they slink carefully from the indie wire to the homesteads of The Industry’s mainstream. Watch, replay, repost, retweet, re-the fuck ever you want. Be a part of these artists’ success, because without people like you or myself, who would they be doing this all for? Clearly not the Texan heatwave and dirty weed of Austin. NEW VISUALS FOR “NO FLEX ZONE” SET TO DROP END OF SUMMER. STAY TUNED.

As always, whyle out, enjoy, and never forget to “fuck up the party.”


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