NWK Tales | Thread UNDRGRND, Billlzegypt @ Private Party in Brick City 3/21/2014

Growing up in Franklin Township, you had about three solid choices for recreational entertainment on the weekends: party with the cool white kids, party with the cool black kids, or stay at home and wonder what it would be like to party with the cool black and white kids. I was mostly a nerd in school, so I spent most of my time floating in and out of these circles in between going to debate club and Model United Nations conferences and being the black girl photographer. BlesztThough, when I did go out, it was usually to a basement party with the black kids. I never had enough clout to get invited to a pajama party (and most thankfully so) nor did my parents allow me to go to Teen Nights at Club Abyss because my curfew was 11 at the time. So, a typical party weekend in Franklin would consist of: handing out pixely flyers after school in the stairwells, of which were already posted on someone’s MySpace page or as their default picture, the graphics made on an archaic version of Photoshop, Boogie Squad sponsorship of course, all music provided by Brick Bandits’ one and only DJ Jay Hood and/or DJ Tim Dolla. Location would most likely be in Plainfield or New Brunswick, but if you were way too cool to stay in Central Jersey, you were heading up to Newark or Paterson, and the only way you were getting in is if you knew someone at the door. Guess who always never got past the door?

dancersThis weekend, NJ’s Thread Undrgrnd threw a private party in a random warehouse in Newark, hosting NJ Rebel’s Billlzegpyt, three DJ’s and a crowd of some of the most talented youth on the East Coast. It was a pretty nostalgic experience as I hadn’t been to a party that played good Jersey Club and where people actually danced. I also ran into Blestz (you know, “No ‘DJ’, just Blestz”) and spoke heavy on some of his plans to put Jersey back on the radar for good music, influence, and clout in an industry that has relied heavily upon hype to sell records and to keep listeners interested in recycled sound. I agreed to partner with him on this endeavor, so be on the look out for some projects developed between myself and Tick Tock Entertainment + Brick Bandits. Overall, and in all honesty, there really is no way to accurately describe Friday’s event. So, I’ll just let the footage talk for itself.

Here are the photos from the party for those of us who were a bit too fuzzy to recollect a clear recap of the evening.

Support your neighbors, build with your community. Enjoy.

Thread UNDRGRND Private Party

Newark, New Jersey

March 23rd, 2014


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