LIVE EXCLUSIVE | The Lox, French Montana, Action Bronson, Bodega Bamz @ Best Buy Theater 3/26/2014 [PHOTOS]

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As sat on the train waiting to head back to NYC after visiting Rahway for a few hours, I threw on my studio headphones and began bumping Phony Ppl’s rich and funky fresh “Told You So,” I prepared to go straight to Broadway tonight to cover the Lox and French Montana show at the Best Buy Thearter. XXL offered me to field photograph for them for the night as long as I was free, of which I was anyway, thus I proceeded to experience my first dose of mainstream Industry politics – bypassing lines, assembled with the authority of robotic security guards, and barriers of velcro ropes separating civilians from celebrities. The Lxo, Action Bronson, Bodega Bamz, French Montona @ Best Buy ThearterOverall, it was an incredible show. Bodega Bamz represented the Boogie Down Bronx and incorporated his Spanish roots into his music and performance, of whom was later accompanied on stage by Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg as they flew huge Puerto Rican and Dominican flags up and down the stage; Action came out in shorts as usual, bundled up in a heavy sweatshirt, beanie, and jacket, suited up in all Black, running into the crowd and rushing upstairs to throw shirts and other miscellaneous dope shit into the audience below, encouraging everyone to “do whatever [we felt] like doing;” Jadakiss and the Lox came out and shook the hall with a live resurrection of D-Block, also bringing out Swizz Beats momentarily to willfully tribute his counterpart in contributing to the creation of the ghetto renaissance in new millennium hip-hop. That performance was probably the most significant, listening to Jada machine fun bar after bar, slaughtering rhyme schemes in cold blood. Jada’s flow is unquestionably smoother than raw cocoa butter, yet more harsh than splintered mahogany wood. Much respect to him and his crew for showing out tonight and performing a reunion set in New York City. To finally close out the show was French Montana. Wearing about 15 pounds of jewelry on and around his neck, expensive sunglasses and an energy weighted with electric demeanor, he and the Coke Boyz rushed the stage and played hit after hit, feature after chart-topping verses. I was very honored to have been able to photograph the show and represent an amazing agency that believes in “hip-hop on another level.”.



Make sure to keep up with Bronson, French, Lox Bamz and Funk Flex whereabouts. For more photos, see,, and Enjoy.


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