PHOTOGRAPHS | Thread World Wide, NJ Rebels, The Life Lab, Newark, NJ

I’ve been a bit quiet on the editorial front of things over the past couple of weeks, mostly for the purpose of preparing for an intense summer spent in Saint Paul, Minneapolis co-directing a youth violence initiative project for urban youth education non-profit, Youthprise. And for this very reason, I’ve reverted back to my foundational roots in photography, taking the medium more seriously than my other ventures in videography (total bust), blogging for editorial journalism (laughable), and other services that take up incredible amounts of time I could spend elsewhere. So, for the next couple of field notes I will publish from my days spent in Newark, Williamsburg, and Long Island City, I will post more documentary photography than writing and video.

Here’s a visual recap of my day and night at Rutgers-Newark, The Life Lab, and moments had with members from New Jersey’s most innovative collectives and communities:

Support your neighbors, build with your community™.


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