ON + OFF | Vibe Music Collective @ Webster Hall/Metro Gallery 9/25/2015

Last weekend, I took a mini road trip with Billlzegypt from NYC to Baltimore to see Iman Omari perform with members of Vibe Music Collective, an imprint that houses a host of DJs, producers, musicians from a blend of genres. I hadn’t seen him perform live yet besides the time he DJ’d at Seed Gallery last year, let alone travel through 3 states in one night. Webster Hall’s performance was intimate, warm and refreshing, bumping to familiar tracks like “Energy,” “Midnight” and later, “Wait A Minute,” with Tiffany Gouché whom was going on later that evening, to perform for the first time together in New York. It was definitely a night of first’s, trekking straight from the LES down I-95, stopping briefly in Delaware to make Iman pump our gas because Billlzegypt and I were “too New Jersey” for that sort of thing, eventually reaching Downtown Baltimore around midnight.

The music scene in Baltimore reminded me of Newark around the time of MoRuf’s Coffee Cave show. The atmosphere was inviting, cool and vibrant. The show was hosted by a local arts collective, Llamadon, who threw a free pizza party at Metro Gallery and had Vibe Music Collective artists Mohdalsoul, DJ Native Sun, Ohbliv and Iman perform throughout the night. We walk in and the first thing you hear is Baltimore Club music blazing through the speakers, the stage shaded with bright pink and purple lights that illuminated DJ Native Sun spinning bangers back to back, setting the mood for Ohbliv’s live beat set, followed by Iman closing out the night. The afterparty at Llamadon’s space was something I couldn’t even capture on video, you really just have to make a trip to Baltimore and attend one for yourselves.

Check out my video recap from the trip above and playlist especially curated for today’s post below. Make sure to follow Vibe Music Collective for updates, news, and announcements on upcoming shows, events and tours. Also check out Llamadon Collective and keep up with all their really awesome events, parties, and tours happening around Baltimore too!

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