#STREAM: BXB Radio Presents: The Anthems & Jams Playlist

Last time I made a mix for BXB Radio, it was in response to the pain and hurt afflicted upon the countless Black bodies slain by police throughout our nation. While so, this playlist was made from a place of joy, and a love for your love and joy for good sound. I was raised to believe music to be an agent of social change and universal medium that cuts across cultures to transform our negatives we each individually experience differently into something beautiful for people to enjoy – together and in solitude.

So, here you go, a 2000’s and 2010’s era inspired hip-hop playlist filled with past and present jams for your weekend. These tracks have provided me the needed warmth for these times of darkness. I hope you, too, can discover new light from my curated mix.

What does this mean for you? As my audience, I will be curating weekly “Anthems + Jams Playlist” mixes that will include a variety of music that have served as the soundtrack to my childhood, my introduction to the world of hip-hop and its massive influence on sounds that cut across and have even broke down traditions in genres.

In addition, I will be taking requests or even guest curators to submit their own mix of anthems. If you’re into it, shoot me an email at thebxbcollective[at]gmail.com by Tuesday evening every week.

Peace and happy listening!




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