It’s been a week. Planning for the grand opening of New Rules, a new communal marketplace combining co-work, event and retail space for creatives and entrepreneurs on the Northside in Minneapolis, set for October 15th. I’ll be showing new work as well as other artists in the Twin Cities so – pull up!

In other news, here’s a soundtrack of some of my personal favorites from the last year in music, middle school days of being introduced to hip-hop, and some contemporaries that everyone is familiar with (SOLANGE THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK. YOU.) that helped me get through the work week.

Tonight, we’ve got past, present and classic jams in this mix. Jay Prince, Iman Omari, Sango, Kaytranada, Solange, Beyonce, Mos Def, Flying Lotus, and many many more. Powered by BXB Radio.

Jam. Rock. Shake. Let It Go.

Light + Love,



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