Folk Of Chicago: A Photographic Testimony to the Chi

From my time at Pitchfork Music Festival this past weekend in Union Park in Chicago. Without these folk, this festival couldn’t have been possible. From mothers and young children hawking water to festival-goers from sun up to sun down, to local rappers hustling mixtapes and CD’s outside the gates of the park, to scalping tickets and flipping them for 300% their original worth, these portraits hold more significance than the context they were taken in. I dedicate this album for the real MVP’s of the weekend.

Art + Culture | Social In Practice: The Art of Collaboration by the Nathan Cummings Foundation, Exhibit Opening Ceremony 3/27/2014

This past week, I was invited to attend the Nathan Cummings Foundation’s opening ceremony for their multimedia exhibition that featured an array of artists, collectives and organizations based out of New York and all throughout the the world. Curated by Debra Willis and her son, Hank Willis Thomas, each project manifested shared themes ranging from community building to social activism, all based within the essence of collaboration to achieve their impact. The exhibition, “Social in Practice: The Art of Collaboration,” embodies the spirit of new age expressionism that allows for individuals to utilize the medium of art as a vehicle for dialogue between societal institutions and local communities in conversing on topics they otherwise would not be accessible by political discourse or plain rhetoric. From DPI faculty and alumni, the exhibition was a wonderful showcase that displayed all sorts of perspectives, especially of those we typically do not assign much agency and autonomy to in the conventional scheme of things.

Luck-One Conscious Presents: K.O.T.N.W. II: Curse Of The Pharaoh

“Proclaimed as “King of the Northwest”, Luck-One Conscious from Portland recently put out his 7th independent release at 12AM EST yesterday morning and shattered the ears of the Hip-Hop Interwebs. Titled “K.O.T.N.W. II: Curse Of The Pharaoh”, Luck’s album serves listeners with a palate of prolific sound that is crafted with committed and furious detail, providing a careful balance between conscious and party rap. Between incorporating the elements of nostalgic hip-hop of the mid-90’s – conscious rap of industry favorites like Black Star and Nas as well as classic party rap of Biggie and Pac at their peak – this body of work proves to be diverse and eclectic in taste, giving listeners a continent of choice and endless opportunity for discovery in a fresh-water of sound.”

240 Oz

I will never forget the day you told me that I reminded you of a sunset on the dawn of salvation, Climbing and scaling the multiverse, carving out oceans on moons and black beaches on coasts that didn’t exist yet, “Who are you??”, I would laugh in mild satisfaction and wonder, as we held hands,…


By the law of metaphysics, things that are created generally cannot be destroyed. Matter, what is all and what can be, cannot be either created nor destroyed. In fact, within the same vein, these are also the laws of language, the meanings we weave and embed within the created nuances of powers they contain. Nigger….