Notes From W 145th @ Harlem 2/9/2014

“This past Tuesday, the self-identified gangster rapper invited me over to his humble abode up in Harlem to preview his album before it hit the Internet, and also to converse on general topics ranging from Gandhi, Henry David Thoreau, the military and prison-industrial complexes, death of black-owned businesses, the falsehood of nationalism, and corny conscious rap in between our listening to his album. From our private listening session, I discerned a list of my top 10 favorites from a 20 hour-long listen through of this monster 20-track project. Below is a neat fragment from my afternoon with Luck.

NYFW: Black Sail by Nautica 2/7/2014

I had the distinct pleasure to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week yesterday and experience one of the most mundane runway shows of the season. Black Sail, a menswear collection by Nautica designer Chris Cox, exhibited muted palates that were reminiscent of Poconos apparel from 2008. Or maybe 2010. Who knows. Fashion has a funny way with…