ON + OFF: Day 3 // LOE x Strong Hold ‘Know Peace’ Release @ Strong Hold Shop 7/10/15

Episode 3: Strong Hold x LOE Cap Release // An exclusive interview with the creators of the ‘Know Peace’ cap.

In this interactive series, ON+OFF is an ongoing visual narrative that sheds light onto the every day experiences of performing/recording artists that give human perspective of life outside the booth and stage. For the summer, black congo will accompany MoRuf on tour to document the developments of L.O.E. on the road and provide fans with a closer look of how the movement came to be before Shades.of.Moo.

In The Office: Luck-One @ Control Sector 2/24/2014

Paid a visit to the offices of Control Sector to accompany Luck in picking up sponsored merch to wear on tour to Austin and Portland next month. Check out the random recollection here.

NYFW: Black Sail by Nautica 2/7/2014

I had the distinct pleasure to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week yesterday and experience one of the most mundane runway shows of the season. Black Sail, a menswear collection by Nautica designer Chris Cox, exhibited muted palates that were reminiscent of Poconos apparel from 2008. Or maybe 2010. Who knows. Fashion has a funny way with…