Top 10 | Best Non-Hip/Hop Tracks to Sample

Burrowed deep inside genres so far off from what the average Hip-Hop artist would go to first to sample, many would be surprised by how overlooked categories like folk, house, ambient, and lo-fi can make a significant difference in how sound can progress during the building process of project in motion. I have compiled a short list of some atypical tracks from even greater musicians who are guaranteed to give your next project the knock in the jaw that will break of stiff spinned listeners. The list goes as follows.

Travelogue: Day 2 in D.C. / ON THE WIRE: E. Oks “Back Up, Black Out”

Yesterday, I spent a total of 12 hours listening to Oks’ tape to determine my objective view on this body of work. From the 13 tracks, I’ve picked 8 that I feel are the most exceptional and representative of his aesthetic, flow, craft, reason, epistemology, and overall character as an artist and creative human being. This was a tough analysis, but here are my final thoughts.

Anthony Flammia @ Private Album Listening Party 2/11/2014

Tonight, I attended a private listening party to celebrate Anthony Flamma’s latest project, Ups & Downs, at Daddy’s House Recording Studios. Musician, singer, songwriter, and producer, Flamm is set to release this most anticipated body of work on Friday, February 14th. The party began with a fun introduction to Flamm’s skills of live voice track building and vibing off intimacy shared with the audience, crowded tightly inside the studio.