#FRESHOWT | New Drop by NJ Rebel’s Billlzegypt, “OO-WEE”

#FRESHOWT|New Drop by Billlzegypt, “OO-WEE” | Upcoming performances in Newark + New Brunswick hosted by Thread UNDRGRND (@Thread_NJ) + S.U.I.T.S. (@suitslifestyle) | Stream the new drop via Blackcongolese.com

Top 10 Most Underrated Tracks for Samples

Because I have an eclectic ear for music, I’ve heard far and beyond of the sorts of sounds contemporary artists try to emulate in synthetic beat making. I compiled a diverse list of 10 songs that I believe would make for brilliant samples. Feel free to take me up on the suggestion and surprise me with a track or even a whole album to review based on your sampling execution style. Check out the list below, share your thoughts, and start creating!