Travelogue: Day 2 in D.C. / ON THE WIRE: E. Oks “Back Up, Black Out”

Yesterday, I spent a total of 12 hours listening to Oks’ tape to determine my objective view on this body of work. From the 13 tracks, I’ve picked 8 that I feel are the most exceptional and representative of his aesthetic, flow, craft, reason, epistemology, and overall character as an artist and creative human being. This was a tough analysis, but here are my final thoughts.

240 Oz

I will never forget the day you told me that I reminded you of a sunset on the dawn of salvation, Climbing and scaling the multiverse, carving out oceans on moons and black beaches on coasts that didn’t exist yet, “Who are you??”, I would laugh in mild satisfaction and wonder, as we held hands,…

Sex With The Sun

Last night I had sex with the sun My bare skin began to feel hot and electric Like slow currents of fire running through my body at negative miles per hour Soaking in all of the sky’s haze, Keeping me sleepy for days White heat criss crossing across my shoulder blades Grabbing and yanking me…


January 29th, 2014 There seems to be much missed by what we do not hear. There is always something to learn from silence. (1/10) Spent the first half of my day writing a short story/screen play. Got a text from Leah, headed right into Manhattan to meet up. Really awesome girl, she’ll realize how special…


By the law of metaphysics, things that are created generally cannot be destroyed. Matter, what is all and what can be, cannot be either created nor destroyed. In fact, within the same vein, these are also the laws of language, the meanings we weave and embed within the created nuances of powers they contain. Nigger….