FILM | On Filmmaker Nabil Elderkin, Hip-Hop Cinema in the Contemporary Budget Film Era

Between cutting footage and pulling selects from my past weekend in Rahway, Chinatown and Harlem, I subconsciously deviated from my repetitive task at hand and found myself on YouTube watching “Lookin’ Ass Niggas” on 1080p. Here’s how I came across Nabil, the leader of the new budget film era.


Studio Session w/ Donna Lewis @ Sounds Music Group 2/12/2014

The DMV is finally establishing itself as a promise land for new age artists to forge a path in the evolving sound of music this year. To retrace the track record of Mid-Atlantic Rap, we begin with Wale and his debut album, Attention Deficit, his freshman feature on “No Hands,” and signing onto the Teflon…